Meditation is like training a dog. Your breath is the treat.

Do you meditate? Actively meditate when you are not on your yoga mat?

I highly recommend it and so do studies. Numerous studies. The more you can meditate the better, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. At all. Even 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night for starters, can literally change your life. I’m serious!

Cyndi Lee who turned out to be one of the highlights for me at this years Yoga Conference says that Meditation is like training a dog. Your breath is like the treat.

Those of us who meditate and practice yoga (it’s the same thing by the way), know that it is impossible to just turn off our mind. But can you slow down your thoughts? Absolutely, and at will. You really can self regulate.

There are many meditation techniques out there (including walking meditation).
When you can..just sit. Just sit and watch your breath. When your mind wanders simply notice and come back to your breath. And remember….”your breath is the treat”. You will notice a great many things come up and you’ll notice “there’s that thought”. “yup, there it is again”, “oh, there’s another one”. Items from your to-do list may pop into your mind. You may even feel the release of stress hormones flooding your body if it’s a stressful thought (and if you do, it’s all ok)! Sit with it and breathe and notice what happens. Just watch, observe and come back your breath. Just come back. Just come back to two more breaths.
Its challenging but it does get easier to quiet the mind, slow down your heart rate etc. I really can not recommend it enough. It can get ugly, annoying, uncomfortable, and even boring, but it is so very interesting to watch the mind.

Meditation is getting to know yourself. Warts and all. And the benefits are endless.

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