Please join us in protesting the BC government’s proposed cuts to newborn health visits.

“All mothers and newborns should receive a visit from a public health nurse, if they want or need one.”

These visits are a godsend to new moms when they are at their most vulnerable. They help detect post-partum depression, jaundice, breast feeding issues and much more. These problems …cut across socio-economic lines. Funding for this decades old program should not be cut!

On Friday November 25 at 11:30am, Parents for BC Babies will gather outside Premier Christy Clark’s Vancouver office at 3615 W. 4th Ave to protest her government’s decision to cut public health nurse visits to women who have just given birth.

Hope to see you there! Bring your stories of why/how much a nurses home visit mattered to you and your newborn and new family.

Here is the BC Nurses Union petition for you to share and sign.

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