Did you know that yoga actually makes your brain more flexible as well as your body?

I think we all know by now thanks to fMRI’s etc. that we can continue to mold and change our brains as we age and there’s not much better news than that!

There has just been so much research on the plasticity “changeability” of the brain in recent years and there is absolutely no denying it. It is just so thrilling that we can continue to expand pathways in our brain, and adapt and learn as we age. And many folks are living sooo much longer these days (interestingly, I just read that there are “48,000” centenarians living in the United States alone right now surprisingly).

And although none of us knows how long we are going to live I do know one thing for sure… as long as I live I really hope and pray I can take care of myself and “think” up until the end whenever that may be.

Yoga is brilliant in so many ways:
Did you know that stem cells that form new neurons in the brain come from the bone? (the marrow of our bones)
When we practice yoga we are “literally” creating the stem cells that form new neurons in our brains. We are stimulating the brain to grow so we can have more available pathways.
Its truly fascinating, and too amazing for words.
And combine that with all the other brain benefits of meditation? Its just so incredibly huge. (Almost too much to wrap my brain around haha)

So remember, even if/when we’re elderly our brains can keep rewiring themselves protecting against cognitive decline both structurally AND functionally, and thats wonderful news!

See you on the mat friends! Namaste.

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