Do you enjoy helping others? Are you helping them in the right way?

I am thrilled to be spending the weekend with a Yoga Teacher and Psychotherapist named Michael Stone. (and no, he’s not my therapist haha.. And yes, I do have one)!

He’s doing a book signing this evening from 730-9 and some yoga workshops tomorrow and Sunday at a couple different Semperviva Yoga studios here in town.

The book is called Yoga for a world out of balance.
Click here for details.

Not sure how I missed ever knowing of this guy (especially since I have pretty much lived my entire adult life in Toronto where he’s from before moving here). Anyways, none of that matters now. Since September of last year (the same month this particular talk was recorded) I have listened to every podcast, watched every video, and heard just about every public word that this man has said, and honestly I could listen to him every single day. He’s fascinating, wise, edgy and very cool. I highly recommend listening to his talks, reading his books and catching him any chance you get. I got into a workshop with him last year at The Yoga Conference on the very last day of the conference and left wishing that I had gone to more. Many more. His Sangha is called Centre of Gravity. Heres a link

Here is just one of his many talks HERE
Enjoy & Namaste

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