Its time to register & here’s my schedule!

All Yoga classes with me begin this week at The Roundhouse!

(Corner of Davie St @ Pacific Blvd-Yaletown)
To register click here

Tuesdays it’s Prenatal Yoga from 545pm-715pm
and Mixed Levels Hatha from 730pm-900pm

ThursdaysBaby and Me Yoga is from 1230pm-200pm, Prenatal Yoga is 545pm-715pm and Mixed levels Hatha from 730pm-900pm

Mount Pleasant Community Centre more convenient for you? (Main St @ Broadway)
Mondays it’s Baby and Me Yoga from 1045pm-1200pm and Daytime Yoga from 1230pm-200pm
Wednesdays it’s Daytime Yoga from 1230m-200pm and Prenatal Yoga from 630pm-745pm
For more information and to register click here

If a session has already begun costs are prorated so you can still sign up (and the classes you missed will be deducted from the price). *Registering not only ensures a program will run but you will save you $3.00 per class

yoga shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. This is affordable yoga. namaste & see you on the mat!

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