Are you trying to conceive? Trying for a baby?

While nothing is a guarantee…
Are you familiar with Yin Yoga? I just received ‘another’ email this morning from a SUPER happy momma-to-be who will be leaving my Yin class to attend one of my  Prenatal classes and she is convinced that it was the Yin practice that made it happen after trying all sorts of ways.. (**And it happens all the time)

While I don’t believe there are any actual studies, Yin Yoga DOES target the areas primarily from the navel to the knees and opens things up and lubricates things like never before and for conception and implantation to take place we need to be open. And relaxed. The practice removes stagnation and encourages Chi (prana) into the pelvic region in particular (reproductive organs) which is VERY healthy for the organs. And again, it’s VERY relaxing and gives you more time to meditate and go within and connect with yourself on a deeper level increasing your body awareness even more than a more active yoga practice. And its the same hormones that ‘get baby in there’ as get baby ‘out of there’ if you know what I mean (nudge nudge wink wink;).
I can’t recommend Yin Yoga enough for all sorts of reasons but if you are trying to conceive come to class and we’ll do a special fertility flow anytime you like.

A brand new session of Yin Yoga starts up on Thursday at The Roundhouse at the corner of Davie St @ Pacific Blvd. Its super casual and all you need is to bring yourself.
To register go to or call 604-713-1800 (press 2)

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