How our body changes during menopause

I am nearly a full year of whats considered being “post menopausal.” Grateful every day that I have no symptoms at all (hot flashes/mood swings and such) and I feel pretty great!
But I do feel things slowing down (my metabolism, slowed transit time/ digestion etc.) This video helps to explain a bit about whats happening with the loss of estrogen and progesterone, and some of what what the average person might be able to expect (although everyone is different of course). There is much more that happens due to the hormonal shifts (this video is very brief), and maybe I’ll post about the other things sometime, but in the meanwhile…don’t neglect your yoga practice! It’s not only great for our stress level (and of course keeps us active), but its great for the adrenals, digestion, balancing moods and the list goes on. Although I work with lot’s of women of childbearing age, in my mixed levels and yin classes I also have many menopausal and peri menopausal gals. Yoga brings us “towards balance” and helps us deal with change and transition. We’re all changing every day. men and women a like. Yoga is a practice for life. Namaste.