Every 5 minutes it seems there’s another study touting the effects of yoga..

The most recent one is yoga and happiness
Researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine investigated whether yoga or walking made people happier and the answer was Yoga.

People who practiced Yoga 2-3 times per week reported being happier and much less anxious than those who walked for the same length of time. And the science backed them up completely. The yogi’s had much higher levels of mood boosting chemicals in their brains too.

Those of us who practice yoga regularly always find these studies entertaining. We feel the effects of our yoga. I’m thrilled that medical science is discovering what we have all known for years (and the ancient yogi’s have known for literally thousands of years). It is nice that it can all be confirmed in a lab or by a fMRI machine these days. And it is really lovely the way that yoga is moving more and more into a clinical setting as well. That makes me so very happy as yoga truly is self care of so many levels.

I love my yoga and I do love my walking too. I recommend the best of both worlds. Walk to yoga!
P.S. registration is on for both The Roundhouse and Mt Pleasant classes so let’s do it up!

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