Hope your weekend is a little like this!

And if you missed the start of any of any of my new class sessions that started last week there is always time to register and join in anytime during a session at the lower price (or drop in)! Costs are always prorated. See you on the mat friends. Giv’er this weekend!

New Mount Pleasant sessions with me start tomorrow and Wednesday!

So register away! Mondays Baby and Me Yoga 1045am-12pm Daytime Yoga 1230-2pm Wednesdays Daytime Yoga 1230-2pm Prenatal Yoga 630pm-745pm Call 604-257-3080 Or go to http://www.mountpleasantcc.ca to register online. See you on the mat!

Heres what the new year is looking like for me so far!

You really must click the image to enlarge (due to my lack of computer skills haha..) I haven’t updated my winter schedule on here quite yet but heres a quick look at when classes are and where! Mount Pleasant’s classes start up again on Dec 26 (Mon) and Dec 28 (Wed) and ALL my Roundhouse…