Have you sacrificed your yoga practice for motherhood?

Well, come back! I have a mat waiting for you. You can even keep your phone on vibrate.

I have 4 mixed levels classes per week. Maybe you can slip away for some “you time” for a bit? Tonight at The Roundhouse  I have a Mixed Levels Hatha class that runs from 7:30-9pm (with a glorious 15 minute savasana/relaxation complete with bolsters, blankets and eye pillows) and that session runs from October 7 to November 4 / cost $57. Thurs Oct 9 at the Roundhouse I have a new session of Baby and Me Yoga from 12:30-2pm (and another at Mount Pleasant Mondays 10:45-12pm)  This coming Thurs I also have a delicious and “very relaxing” Happy Hips and a Healthy Spine class as well (7:30-8:45pm) and many more classes (in addition to several Prenatal Yoga classes) at Mount Pleasant CC schedule can be found here 

Roundhouse (corner of Davie and Pacific Blvd across from the Roundhouse Canada Line Skytrain Station- 604-713-1800 (press 2)

Mount Pleasant CC 1 Kingsway Ave (Main and Broadway) 1 Kingsway Ave 604-257-3080 (press 2)

Most mama’s I have known over the past decade at yoga (and before that as a Doula) have all said  “I thought I needed my yoga before, I sure need it now more than ever”.  My hope for mothers (aka “the most incredible humans ever born)”  is for them to not lose themselves after having their baby. Yoga helps physically by easing discomforts, and strengthening, and realigning the body and balancing hormones too, and the mental and psychological benefits are HUGE.

Do not lose yourself, and know that your self-care is the biggest gift you can give to your children and family. It will help you to feel bettering your own skin, get/stay in shape, and help keep you centred and grounded. Also you will be setting a wonderful example for your children. Your yoga practice benefits everyone you come into contact with, all day long, and that is a fact. Whether it is yoga or something else…get out there and restore yourself. Nobody deserves it more than you. I have 9 group yoga classes per week and my prices haven’t gone up in 10 years. Hope to see you on the mat soon. Happy fall Xo



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