We Need To End The Stigma Around Mental Illness

I am passionate about many things and mental health is HUGE for me. Those who know me know the real reason I got into the line of work I have. It’s to provide tools for living and self care. The practice of yoga offers so many incredible tools for everyone in every stage of life. This practice really is meant to be shared far and wide. Trauma happens, depression happens, and change happens. Change (inculding loss) is a constant in this life. A yoga practice really can make our life “easier”.

While it doesn’t solve all our problems, it really can change your life. And it has a great many fabulous physical side effects too! It is a physical, mental and psychological practice. Don’t give up on yoga! Find a class for you and commit to a practice.

*Yoga might be a “part” of a mental health treatment plan but not a replacement. If you are struggling with any mental health issues ask for help, and do not give up on your treatment*.

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